Sweep, the pork price early to know


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Yong Cheng and Wen's strong combination, for the people to seek blessing!

Wen's group was founded in 1983, 2014, Wen's group in the market pigs 12.18 million head, broiler 6.97 billion, duck 1699 million, sales revenue 38 billion yuan. Wen's group has the existing cooperativ...

Chen Rongkai, deputy governor of the people's Government of Fujian province to visit our company

In September 24th, the people's Government of Fujian province vice governor Chen Rongkai to visit Fujian Yongcheng, the Deputy Secretary General of Fujian provincial government Wang Xingyun, deputy dir...

Focus on Key Profit Technologies of pig raising

"The second session (2013) high-level forum of Sino US pig - Fujian station in Fuqing Chuangyuan international hotel was held, the meeting of the U. S. Soybean Export Council, Ministry of agriculture, ...

2015.1-5 statistical results

January 2015, Fujian Yongcheng through the Ministry of agriculture swine pseudo rabies immune purification demonstration site evaluation and certification and the Ministry of agriculture for four conse...


Cheng donon Animal Husbandry Equipment Introduction

    Fujian Cheng Lenon and Animal Husbandry Equipment Co., Ltd. Main series of feeding and drinking water series, bar happen series, floor leakage dung series, curtain fan cooling series, manure treatment series, disinfection and epidemic prevention series, artificial insemination equipment, animal husbandry equipment, etc products specialize in producing, processing of the company, has a complete and scientific quality management system The spirit of "customer first, credit first" business philosophy, the company has been committed to the continuous improvement of product quality and R & D and innovation, in order to meet customer needs. Take the advantages of product quality, quality service to take credit for the enterprise policy. Grow with the user, in the development of competition. Details

    In product development always ancestors half step, strict according to industry standard production, let the product quality of the company maintain a consistently high standard. Customers think is our pursuit, the customer satisfaction is our pride. We take action to prove the language, to provide perfect products, satisfactory service. Fujian Cheng donon animal husbandry equipment limited company's good faith, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry。Welcome all friends to visit, guidance and business negotiation。

Equipment introduction

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